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166km – Pong Yaeng Trail 166 (PYT166)

Pong Yaeng Trail 166 (PYT166)
Date9th - 11th November 2018
Total Elevation Gain8,200+ m.
Start time10:00
Time limit48 hrs.
QualificationiTRA 5 pts acquired between 2016/01/01 - 2018/02/15 (in 1 races maximum)

100km – Pong Yaeng Trail 100 (PYT100)

Pong Yaeng Trail 100 (PYT100)
Date10th - 11th November 2018
Total Elevation Gain4,800+ m.
Start time05:00
Time limit29 hrs.

66km – Pong Yaeng Trail 66 (PYT66)

Pong Yaeng Trail 66 (PYT66)
Date10th November 2018
Total Elevation Gain3,400+ m.
Start time08:00
Time limit17 hrs.

44km – Doi Pui Summit (DPS44)

Doi Pui Summit 45 (DPS 45)
Date10th November 2018
Total Elevation Gain2,100+ m.
Start time06:00
Time limit14 hrs.

22k – Rock Tower Climb 22 (RTC22)

Rock Tower Climb 23 (RTC23)
Date10th November 2018
Total Elevation Gain1,000+ m.
Start time07:00
Time limit7 hrs.

10k – The Botanic Ten (TBT)

The Botanic Ten (TBT 10)
Date11th November 2017
Total Elevation Gain400 m.
Start time06:00
Time limit3:30 hrs.