Pong Yaeng Trail started in December 2015 with 69 runners in the PYT66 and slightly more at 79 runners for the RTC30. The 5th iteration of Pong Yaeng Trail in 2019 welcomed more than 2,500 runners in 7 races, the route went through 3 National Parks, and the longest distance was the PYT166.

It was a wee race back then!

This year will see us moving the Start/Finish area back to Pong Yaeng sub-district again. The routes will remain very similar to the 2019 edition despite the re-location of our Start/Finish area. However, the longest distance will be slightly longer. Please welcome, PYT170!

2020 PYT will be starting from Pong Yaeng Sub-district Office, jut off the road No.1096. The route will first take you Southward out of Pong Yaeng area, by going up to visit the 1,676m. or 5,499 ft. AMSL (above mean sea level) summit of Doi Pui. The route is then spiralling down quickly through a mixture of deciduous and pine forest to Mae Sa Waterfall, the lowest part of the entire route at around 400m AMSL.

From the National Park Office at the Waterfall, the route then heads upward along an old mountain path called The Rock Tower Climb. Just before reaching the top of the climb proper, you will be heading up North, and once again, on an old mountain path to a small village of Muang Ka. Muang Ka aid-station is the Northernmost point of the whole route.

Continuing on the forest path heading South/Southwest, Samoeng District awaits. Mae Pa, Baan Pok and Samoeng are all aid-station in Samoeng valley and from Samoeng aid-station the route pitches up very quickly to Kong Hae Temple, back firmly in Pong Yaeng valley once again.

The final challenge for PYT170 is then the Southern Loop or the River Loop. As both names suggest, you will be going down, following the course of streams and rivers to the very bottom and Southernmost of the route before climbing back up slowly to the Finish in Pha Nok Kok village – 5 kilometres from where you started.

We also offer smaller challenges too, PYT125 misses out the River Loop completely whereas PYT105 avoids Doi Pui and The Rock Tower Climb. For races close to but not longer than 100km, PYT75 “only” visits Samoeng valley and back or you may choose to get wet and try NPT60 which attack the River Loop and back. 

For a half-day fun in the woods, the MNS40 is an out-and-back with some brutal climbs or the shortest of all PNK25 has 2.5% flat section and a total ascend of 1300m+.

2020 Pong Yaeng Trail will take place on 6th-8th November and the registration will start soon! (I think.)

Nampetch P.
Race Director