Rules and Regulations


  1. Please respect the trails.
    • Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited and may lead to your disqualification.
    • Please be careful not to damage crops and properties along the route.
    • Participants are expected to follow the trail with the help of the trail markings and signs. The race course will be marked with PINK ribbons and WHITE signs. However, you are responsible for finding and following these course markings on your own and for staying on the course. You are also responsible for finding your own way back using the course maps and gpx files provided if you stray off the course.
    • Part of the course passes through residential areas. There are also small houses and huts near the course. Please keep your voices down and keep noises to minimum when passing through these areas – especially during the night.
  2. SAFETY first.
    • You are responsible for checking the official information updates provided by the organizer both before and during the race. Race briefing is a good place to find out about all the last minute update. Please also check the Announcement page on the official website regularly.
    • Be seen. Please wear bright colour clothing. A black armband or a black ribbon is appropriate in this period of remembrance.
    • Please take care of both yourselves and other participants (and staff) on the course. If someone needs help, please help them or at least, call for help.
    • Many parts of Pong Yaeng Trail is on public roads which are not closed for this event. You are deemed to be a regular road user.
  3. Please put on your event bib (number) properly so it can be seen easily. Attach given bibs to both the front and back, in the upper body area. Do not put the race bib on your lower body, such as on your shorts and do not fold the edges or cut the bib to make it smaller.
  4. You are required to abide by the Thai laws and are expected to conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times during the race.


  1. Upon arriving at the aid-station, participants must have the Passport ready to collect a Visa Stamp. Failing to collect ALL the required Visa Stamps will result in a disqualification (DNF).
  2. Not arriving at the aid-station before the stated Cut-Off Time will result in an immediate disqualification and participant must withdraw from the event.
  3. There will be a mandatory equipment check during the race. Without all of the mandatory equipment – you will be asked to withdraw from the event.
  4. Some aid-stations are also the timing-station. Please make sure the timing official register your number before leaving the aid-station. Results will be displayed “live” on our website so your supporters can follow your progress throughout the day (and possibly, throughout the night).
  5. Sleeping by the trail side is strongly discouraged. Please take a long rest or sleep at the aid-station so that we can take care of you.
  6. Support by supporters should only be provided inside the aid station. Do not run/ride/drive along side runners.
  7. Plastic cups will not be available at any aid-stations.


  1. Doctors and Race Officials have the authority to stop participants from continuing the race if he/she believes the participants is unfit to safely continue. This will be done by taking off the participants’ number. You may still use all facilities at the aid-station and at the finish area after your retirement.
  2. Qualified medical staff and emergency service vehicles will be at every aid-station. Due to the location and natural terrain of the trail plus traffic condition in the city, it could take up to 2 hours to reach the nearest hospital. Do not wait until the last minute to call for help!
  3. In the case of an emergency, if you are unable to reach the event organisers by our emergency number, you can also call the public emergency number “1669” to directly ask for help – however, the call must be placed in Thai.
  4. Each registered participants is covered for the following under the race’s insurance policy
    • Medical costs: THB 100,000
    • Emergency Transportation: THB 50,000


  1. If you would like to withdraw from the race, please inform the Event Officials at any  aid-station so that we know how many participants are still on the trail.
  2. If emergency transportation is required. Extra costs that cannot be covered with event insurance policy will be at the expense of the person being transported. Please make sure that you have appropriate health/travel insurance with you, especially if you may need to be transported abroad.


Organizer reserves the right to change part of the race course which may or may not shorten the course or cancel the race entirely if the safety of staff and participants are in doubt due to risks such as landslides or forest fire.

The event organizer may also stop or cancel the race for any other reasons deemed to be appropriate given the circumstances.

In such circumstances the race will NOT be postponed to a later date.